Suites Hotel Namwon
    Garden Pool
    Experience a true rest while breathing with nature in the nature-friendly warm water pool containing the quietness of Jiri Mountain.
    • Opening

      [Mar.~Jun, Sept.~Dec.]

      Weekdays(Mon.~Fri.) 13:00~21:30
      Weekends(Sat.~Sun.) & National Holidays 09:30~21:30

      [Jan.~Feb. / Jul.~Aug.]


      * The pool is open all year round.
      * The operating hours are subject to change depending on season, weather condition or hotel policy.

      * In the event of a natural disaster or safety concern, operations may be suspended without a prior notice.

    • Regulations
      The pool use is limited to hotel guests.
      (The pool is not available to non-hotel guests.)
    • Infomation
      [How to use the pool]
      1) Change into a swimsuit.
      (Before check-in or after check-out, you can change the clothes in the hotel sauna.)
      2) Go to the pool
      3) Purchase a ticket(wristband style) at the information desk if not purchased in advance.
      4) Wear a ticket(wristband style) before entering the pool.
      5) Store shoes and valuables in a locker at the pool area.
      6) Please warm up before entering the water and enter the pool.
      7) Others
      * The hotel does not provide swimsuits in consideration of your hygiene.
      * Customers using the pool must prepare a swimsuit or rash guard.
      * If you have an admission ticket, you can use it multiple times only for one day.
    • Safety Rules
      1) Children under 120cm in height must be accompanied by a guardian when entering the pool.
      2) Infants must wear waterproof diapers to enter the pool.
      3) The use of tubes or instruments larger than 90cm that interfere with the surroundings is restricted when using the pool.
      4) Personal food cannot be brought in.
      5) Please make sure to warm up before entering the water.
      6) The hotel is not responsible for any negligence caused by the customer's carelessness.
      7) Customers must follow the control of safety personnel.
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